Still Life (almost) Another Day in Three Acts

Video / Performance
26' 00"


A live audio, cinematic performance for a slow-motion ambient Zombie movie. Still Life (almost) is a crawling detournment of Jorge Grau's 1974 masterpiece Non si deve profanare il sonno dei morti. Rather than focus on the gore and horrific elements of the film, short clips re-shot from a television screen are used to portray a world full of lonlienss, unrequited love, and urban despair. The Zombie becomes a metaphorical vehicle for the critique of a cannibalistic society which furthers the cycle consumption and decay. The soundtrack is a similarly distorted and haunting interpretation, reminiscent of numerous zombie and horror films.
This project was created for a performance on St. Valentine's Day, a holiday which is perhaps more cullturaly valued for its consumer tendencies - the purchase and consumption of greeting cards, chocolates, and roses - than for its Chaucer inspired tradition of courtly love.
Still Life (almost) is unquestionably an homage to the genre of Zombie films. The haunting and often grotesque imagery, beautiful and strange soundtracks, and implicit cultural critique embodied in so many of these films holds a place very dear to my heart.

Live Audio Recording Here

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